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About Abrivo Sports (A Division of Abrivo Communications, LLC | Sitemap)

Abrivo Communications, LLC | Sitemap was formed in 2002 as a full service telecommunications product distributor. Our customer base includes over 4,000 end users and businesses. The Company is owned and operated by Bill and Monica Nastasi. As the company continued to grow, and additional help was required, we invited our son Justin to come into the company as Vice President of Operations.

Justin graduated from Kean University with a degree in Physical Education and enjoys a very active life outside of Abrivo Communications including personal training and coaching various teams in the area. As a result of his exposure (an love) of the Sports World - we expanded the scope and operation of Abrivo Communications to include a line of Sporting and Safety products.

As this part of our company continues to grow we anticipate adding additional products and services to our current offerings. Check back often to see what is new!


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Abrivo Sports
A Division of Abrivo Communications, LLC | Sitemap

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