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Custom Lanyards

Abrivo Sports offers Custom Lanyards!

Free set-up fee and quick turnaround time

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Round Lanyard

Soft nylon material woven to a 6 warp thickness. Approximately 18" in length. Now available in 6 Colors.
Metal "J" Hook attachment

Flat Lanyard

1/2" in width and 36" in length. Flat tubular style with swivel J-hook attachment. Comes in 9 colors: black, white, royal blue, navy, red, green, yellow, orange.

Now Available in Pink!


Break-Away Lanyard
Comes with a safety breakaway for easy and safe handling of the lanyard. 1/2" in width and 18" in length (36" total around). Flat tubular style with a swivel J-hook attachment. Comes in 8 colors: black, orange, royal blue, navy, red, burgundy, green & purple.


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Nylon Wrist Lanyard
A thick black Nylon Wrist Lanyard is a great way to keep your whistle and/or keys close at hand. Includes a wooden adjustment slide. Approx. 9.5" in length.
Two-Tone Coil Wrist Lanyard Key Chains

Two-Tone Coil Wrist Lanyard Key Chains are 3/8" diameter coils. These coil lanyards will stretch to fit kids or adult wrists. Each stretch coil comes with a 7/8" diameter metal key ring. Available in 4 Colors: Green/Light Green, Orange/Yellow, Dark Orange/Dark Yellow and Blue/Purple.



Ball Chain Lanyard
Nickel Plated Steel cut to a 28" length including a connector attached to one end.
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Down Counter
Keep track of downs easily with this elastic wrist down counter for football referees.
Chain Lanyard
Special Design for use with Metropolitan whistle35 cm in length.
Chain Lanyard
Nickel plated brass chain, 67 cm long with swivel snap hook, standard for use with Boatwain Pipe Whistle.
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